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Evidence Based Approach and Italian Design for Business Market. Interior and Technology Design Format, Evidence Based (EBA), applied to every kind of architectural context: from fitness to wellness; from hospitality to retail; from healthcare to public spaces as airports, museums, cinema or malls.

A New Project Approach born by partnership between Flyproject and Area 3.

Flyproject has met the expertise about human motion, human-environment interaction and multisensory of Area 3- A Human Motion Lab, a company located inside the Scientific-technological hub of Sardinia Region of Porto Conte Ricerche in Alghero.

About EBA

EBA (Evidence Based Approach) is distinguished by an evidence based design. In our case, we are focused on the person, through a scientifically validated and constantly updated use of all the elements employed in the project: light, sound, fragrances, materials etc. with the aim to design spaces that produce a beneficial effect on the frequenters.

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Project Aims

Create, renovate and refresh the environments providing unique and interesting services and offer to the clients a better product, more corresponding to their needs.

The design approach is not addressed to remove current Outfit or Technology, but reinterpret with creativity, to offer aesthetics and style solutions, without neglect functionality and beauty.


Create an experiential advantage for hospitality, with an “Italian style”. Replicable, especially in the rooms.

Improve the quality of private and common spaces fruition, for clients and operators.

Propose a new marketing message: communicable, characterizing and qualifying.

“WoW” effect

Room Lighting Example

A simple “Clever” Strip Led becomes a lighting and Technology opportunity with an extremely high aesthetics and functional content: an innovative design solution.

The proposal, coming from this new partnership, combines Technology, Italian Design and Aesthetics Taste, with an Evidence Based Approach, with the aim to design environments with a beneficial impact on the persons.

Public spaces design with “EBA”.

Scientific Partner

The Functional Format

EBA Italian Interior Design, acts on different aspects:

some FIXED, prerogative of the facility management: dynamic windows, acoustic and thermal insulation, air and water filtration, finishing materials etc;

others VARIABLES, because equipped with smart technologies that allow immediate and simple modifications for both, master and clients, that can chose to adjust and modify their comfort parameters.

LIghting Design Project for a Hotel room with a single Ceiling “Clever” Strip Led; we have different settings for different needs, client personal device controlled also , from left:

Welcome set, day light

Work set, night light

Lounge set, relax time

Full Light set, cleaning room

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